Carpet tiles

Durable and low maintenance solution

Carpet tiles are ideal for many commercial situations be it offices, stairways or corridors. Durable and low maintenance, they are available in a huge spectrum of colours and styles to suit any commercial environment.

Carpet tiles have the added benefit that high traffic or damaged areas can easily be replaced with minimal disruption to the rest of the floor area. They can also be used to define separate areas within the workplace such as walkways or breakout areas.

They are a semi-permanent floor covering that can be laid on most subfloors including raised access floor construction. Where tiles are used on communal staircases, specialised stair nosings can also be supplied and installed. We are also able to offer advice on light reflective values of floor coverings and contrasting stair nosings so that regulations are adhered to in your commercial work space.

An excellent service from Oxford City Flooring. Our carpet tiles were fitted in a timely and professional manner. Highly recommended.

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