A naturally sustainable product with unique characteristics

Properly cared for, wooden flooring can last for twenty years or more, making it the perfect investment for your home. We supply a huge variety of different materials and different surface finishes; from soft and light to darker tones so we can always offer you on-trend styling.

Some types of wooden floors can be sanded and re-sealed breathing new life into them. Being a natural product the appearance and patina of real wood can change over time giving it an utterly unique appearance. Our most popular wooden flooring types follow below.

Engineered wood

If you’re looking for a hardwearing and cost-effective alternative to solid wood flooring without compromising on style, engineered wood is a great option. Every bit as beautiful as solid wood, it offers durability too, which is perfect for the modern home.

Engineered wood is manufactured using a plywood base, which is topped with a 3–6mm solid layer of hardwood for an authentic feel. The finished product is incredibly tough and any internal movement is restricted making it less susceptible to warping and shrinkage than a real wood floor.

Available in a variety of species and styles, engineered wood can be sanded up to two times in its lifetime. It can either be fixed to the subfloor or fitted in a floating system on a suitable wood flooring underlay. Expansion gaps are left around the perimeter of the room which are covered by skirting or beading.

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is the perfect alternative for those who are looking to re-create the timeless beauty of a real wood floor at a fraction of the cost. Manufactured using a high-density fibreboard base and a photographic printed layer, the flooring is then sealed with a protective wear coating.

Easy to care for, durable and stylish, laminate flooring has greatly improved in the last ten years both in its appearance and functionality. The modern-day laminates are hard wearing, UV resistant and warm underfoot.

They come in a wide range of styles and colours and are also available with textured surfaces and bevelled edges making it easy to re-create that real wood style to suit any home. We supply trusted brand Quickstep and our friendly staff are always happy to discuss your requirements to achieve the look you desire.

Floor Sanding

If you are looking to bring back to life an old tired existing wooden floor we are able to provide this service. Sanding a wooden floor will remove the existing surface whether it is oil, varnish or wax and make to floor flat and smooth. It is then ready to receive a new coat of seal, varnish or waxoil which can be the same colour as before or even a different colour choice.

This is a service that we can arrange through Oxford City Sanding, please contact us today. You can also see more information here.

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